Sunday, May 29, 2011

A towel bag

It's been in the 80s for the past few days so we've fished the beach towels out of the closet. Garrett is a big lover of all things water so we decided it made sense to keep a spare swim suit and towel in the car for him.  I have this great Paul Frank towel that came in a matching back pack tote made from the same fabric.  The bag had a draw string at the top that helps to keep things contained.  It was perfect for the beach because I could toss my sunscreen, flip flops, water bottle and a book and head out to sit on the beach and read.
 Similar to this, but with Julius on it
I decided I wanted to make my own towel messenger bag for taking to the beach or pool this summer.

I started by picking out a fun towel that was fun but not a dark color (so it wouldn't make everything in the bag hot).  Make sure your towel is large enough for what you want to make.  If you just want to make a small bag you could always use and old bath towel. I used a large beach towel and was able to make 2 bags.
polka dot towel
I love the bright colors

I cut out my pieces. One bag I use the already sewn edge for my cord.  On the other I cut by the fold so I didn't have to seam the bottom.  I also cut 2 strips to use for handles.
cut pieces
A rotary cutter makes this much faster

For the bag with the hem already done on top you just need to sew the 3 sides together. Lay the pieces wrong side together, pin and sew.
If you used the fold of the bag for the bottom sew up both sides and then turn down the top and hem.  Make sure the hem is wide enough to accommodate the draw string you'll be adding.

hem all the way around
 Chose a cord.  I have a bunch to choose from because I saw them from old pants, shirts and pajamas.
Just a few of my choices
Thread through the bag.  I used a safety pin to help guide everything through. Tie the ends in a knot.
pulling the cord through
Just pull the cord to tighten everything up
All that's left to do it sew the handle.  Lay the piece flat with the right side up, fold the strip in half width wise (keeping right side to right side) and sew up the long edge leaving a little open at the top.  Turn the strip right side out and pin to the bag.  I turned the unfinished edges under and then sewed.
pin straps
Pin the straps where ever you want them to go.
Now you have a great beach tote.  You can adjust the shape of the bags and length of the strap to make a bag that suits you.
all finished
Can you take a picture hun?  "Only if I don't have to get off the couch"


Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Fabulous bag!  I need to break out my sewing machine again sometime soon.  I love your husband's comment.  So classic!

teawithfrodo said...

In his defense he was sitting with the little guy on his lap.  It was a super quick project.  I wish I had my embroidery machine hooked up so I could put my name on it.

aiasdotca said...

Love this!