Monday, May 16, 2011

It just isn't the same Sesame Street.

I was watching "Play with me Sesame" with Garrett and he seems so enthralled.  Burt and Ernie came on.  Burt was the same but Burt was...happy.  I remember the days when Burt was grumpy and Oscar really was a grouch.
What happened?  Did they pass out Prozac on Sesame Street?  Was it so bad that children were exposed to characters that weren't always the happiest?  I was always taught that Oscar was a grouch because he was so dirty and Burt was frustrated because Ernie was a little bit of a pain.  And adults still couldn't see Snuffalupagus so I felt special that I could see him because may parents would play along and leave the room before he came on.
Does it really make it better for children to show only happy characters? I end up worrying that it's because parents don't want the responsibility of teaching their children so now Cookie Monster is in danger of becoming Veggie Monster. We watch TV together here so we can interact with Garrett while he watches.  I'm sure when he's a little older he may watch on his own but we still plan to talk to him about what he sees on TV.

I guess it's time to buy the DVDs of the original Sesame Street.  Maybe even some Shalom Sesame.


Lea Grover said...

Shalom Sesame is still awesome.  :)

teawithfrodo said...

 I'd love to get it to watch it again.  I remember when it first came on.