Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I took the 30 challenge from Beautiful Live Skin Care System.

 I was contacted to review the Beautiful Live Skin Care System by Trusted Health Care Products.  I had great luck with their OraMD product I reviewed so I was excited to try their all natural skin care system.

I love how the bottles come customized with my name on it. Having an uncommon name it's always cool to see it on a product. 

I felt the easiest way to do this challenge was to keep a log of my 30 days.

Day 1 - Admittedly it's odd to put oil on your face. I like the smell. Not too overpowering.
I started with 3 drops on each half of my face and I probably didn't need that much. I ended up blotting some off my face after 5 minutes. A few hours later my face felt smooth and soft.

Day 4 - I think I've hit the "detox" stage where my skin is stating to break out slightly. I hope this stage doesn't last too long.  I have noticed that in general my skin is less dry than it has been.

Day 7 - I started using a little less of the oil each time. My skin is still soft and smooth and I'm having less of a detox reaction. Hoping my skin clears up soon.

Day 10 - Skin looks to be healing up.

Day 17 - I think my skin suffered a bit of a set back this week due to the stomach flu.  The only thing that is worse than the stomach flu is the stomach flu while pregnant. The skin on my facce is generally softer and I'm hoping that I have less breakouts.

Day 22: I'm having another small breakout but I think this one has more to do with entering my second trimester than it does the care system.  My forehead (which is normally one of my dry zones) hasn't been flaking at all.

Day 30: I finished my 30 day challenge and here are my overall thoughts on the Beautiful Live Skin Care System:

I gave this product quite a challenge. I started it at 9 weeks pregnant and I am now 13 weeks pregnant. My skin has been awful this pregnancy.I've noticed much less flaking and dryness in my skin as a whole. I'm still having some breakouts but they are more controlled and I'm pretty sure that has more to do with the pregnancy than anything else.
I do love how soft my skin feels after I put the product on. I also noticed a healthy glow when I apply the product. Since I put it on one side at a time I can really see the difference. My skin feels healthier and I haven't needed to apply moisturizer because the skin care system has left my skin so healthy.

I'm really happy with how this product has worked. I love the way it smells and the general health of my skin. It's a great product.

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