Who is TeawithFrodo?

TeawithFrodo is me. 
Hi,  I'm Irene. I'm a 30 something mother to Garrett who was born in August 2009, Avery who was born in 2014 and wife to Benjamin.  We've been married since 2004.
I'm a crafter and I've always loved creating things.  I started with knitting and then got in to sewing while weaning my son.  I do all sorts of crafting and creating and more often then not I post about it here with pictures. 

I'm a champion saver and I love to get free things.  I also love quality so it's probably a good thing I know where to get everything at a great discount. I often post about ways to get free or cheap things.

My husband and I are currently working on our own business called Granola Strolla. Slowly but surely I will have more information and links about it.

I have the BRCA2 mutation which gives me an 84% chance of having breast cancer. I had my preventative bilateral mastectomy on for January 11, 2013.  I plan to chronicle this event for my own records and I hope that it helps others as well. It's a difficult decision to make but I know it's the right thing to do for my own health and my family.

I love all sorts of things and have very eclectic tastes.
You can find me on twitter and instagram @teawithfrodo