Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Best teething toy ever

 And it's not really a teething toy.

Garrett is getting his second molars and suddenly wants to chew on everything. It's not so bad when he chews on his toys but a big problem when I pull things like my Zombie Tiki USB drive out of his mouth. 
tiki zombie usb drive
Do NOT anger the Zombie Tiki!

I also had to tell him that Adipose is for squishing and not for chewing.
Doctor Who Adipose
"I'm waving at fat"

We were going to give him a freezer pack to chew on when Ben realized we have a bag full of reusable ice cubes shaped like citrus wedges. Garrett took to them right away.  They were the perfect size for him and the cold has really helped his gums.
reusable ice cubes
Reusable ice cubes

And he looks hysterical.
Garrett and ice cubes
Garrett being silly with ice cubes
and the perfect size for his little mouth

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