Monday, May 23, 2011

20 minute toddler pants

Or in this case shorts.  I've already made Garrett a pair of pants but I wanted to make him some shorts.  I found a great cotton print and didn't really want to line them.  There's a super simple pattern for making pants/shorts that I found.  Even easier if you make them from an old shirt.
Garrett in his shorts
Check out those abs

Since I didn't want to use an old shirt I had to hem the bottoms as well as the waist.  They look adorable on him and Ben calls them his "golf shorts".   Now if only it would stop raining here so he can wear them.

Garrett and daddy playing
Playing with daddy

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Donald said...

When my mother holding a baby from my sister, that's where I realized that a baby / child is God's gift .... It is funny and fun to see them choose their own clothes .... Clothes for a small boy always looks beautiful whatever they wear .... God is always good!