Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just a few Facebook likes away from a giveaway

I wanted something that would appeal to everyone so I decided to do a 1 year magazine subscription.  It's not a huge list but you get to pick which magazine you'd like to get free for a year.  I'll be buying this with my Coke Points and the nifty thing is I often get other magazines sent to me free by the same publishing company so your 1 magazine subscription could turn in to several. 

The choices are (all are 1 year unless otherwise noted):
Good Housekeeping
Family Circle (15 issues)
Wired Magazine
Everyday Food
Better Homes and Gardens
Country Living
Traditional Home
Ready Made (6 issues, the magazine comes out every 2 months)
Smart Money
Whole Living

Whoever wins gets to choose from the list.

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