Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Ben just got laid off...effective tomorrow. At least that way he has insurance coverage through April...because there is no longer a severance package.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Busy weekend

we spent part of the weekend finally buying baby clothing. Mostly on clearance racks and at outlet stores. We picked up a bunch of cute things.
Our upstairs neighbors also gave us a bunch more things. I can't express how lucky we are to have them.
Here is the list of all the items they have given us so far:
Laura Ashley Swing
Floor Mobile
Foot stool
Baby Bath
Bouncy Chair
Medela Swing breast pump

It's pretty cool to be able to take a bunch of items off the registry. They'll also be giving us clothing.

This Friday I'm halfway through my pregnancy...where has the time gone?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Diapers and such

the One Size diapers I want...well we found a store that sells them...turns out that the waist can get as small as the xsmall size, and the legs even tighter then that. So Ben and I are happy that we really won't be needing other diapers. We did buy one to play with. Even better, the diapers each come with 2 inserts, so we don't need to buy as many prefolds.

So all those people telling me I need multiple sizes can suck it. Being able to see the diaper first made me a lot less stressed.

We went to the family/baby expo today. $8 a person...and we picked up lots of free stuff...
The best...a double sided Boppy cover. That was worth the admission alone. It's got blue and green stripes on one side, and fish on the other.

We got a bunch of other small things and entered some raffles for stuff. Lots of coupons too.

Friday, March 20, 2009

4 down, 5 to go

today I am officially in my 4th month. I hit 16 weeks.
I'd be excited except I haven't slept in 3 days.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Baby Stuff

bought some custom wetbags yesterday.
I'm also waiting for my custom nursing cover to come in.

Upstairs neighbors are giving us a bunch of baby stuff.
And the 27th is the big ultrasound. I'm still counting down to that day. We can't wait.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Anyone else on the site?
did I ask this already and forget?

I just updated and put up projects, and my stash and what needles I have. There are some nifty tools.
I could use more friends there.

I swear I haven't told anyone to STFU!

What is with everyone feeling that they have to tell me exactly what I'll need.
I don't mind suggestions. And luckily I've had lots of friends who suggest things. Who say "I had this and it was great so you may want to look into it". That way of talking to me has always been better.
Ben and I do lots of research about what we want to buy.
We did lots of cost analysis when it came to the cloth diapers.
We made a choice. It's what we want for our baby.

I guess I need to get used to people trying to give me their advice.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


anyone else on Raverly?
I'm teawithfrodo
could use some other friends.

Monday, March 9, 2009

the wide world of knitting

I needed to take a break from making little squares. (20 down 35 more to go)
I wanted to make something small for the baby. I let Ben choose and he said he wanted a toy. So I went through patterns and showed him the ones that I had the supplies for. He picked out a nifty stegosaurus. So I'm making it in teal with brown spine spikes.

The needles are fairly small, so it may take longer then I'm planning. But it's a break from those squares and I need it.
I'm seeing the dichotomy between friends right now.
I just had someone tell me that it's too early to be thinking about all these things for my baby.
I'm pregnant...I instantly start thinking about things for the baby.

And fuck, I'm not saying people need to buy me shit.
I'm saying that I'm overwhelmed by this. And that I hope that things will start coming in so I can feel a little less stressed.

I am in no way saying "people buy me stuff, wah wah"
so telling me when people will start buying me stuff doesn't make me feel better.
I'm pregnant and stressed. I know not everyone on my friends list can understand that.
I know a few of you barely respect that.
But seriously...don't make me feel shitty for thinking about these things now.
I honestly think that it makes me a better parent because I want to provide for my child.

I'm not expecting anything from anyone.
I can't throw a baby shower. The economy is bad. I was just stating what would help take the pressure off of me.
I'd like to get stuff off the registry. I'd like to bring in some extra money.

But I guess it's too early to think about what I need for my baby.
If you can't be supportive please kindly take a flying fuck off a short peer.
Hey guys,
check out this post:
I'm auctioning off one of my hats to help a friend raise money for her Avon 3 day Walk.
she has lots of other auctions if you go to: http://www.triagefromhome.com/category/breast-cancer/

Thursday, March 5, 2009

custom knitting?

anyone need any commissions done?
I'd really like to pick up a little extra work.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Belly picture

stop harassing me...
here is is.
13 weeks 4 days...
yeah...I know, I really popped.

cloth diapering

Since Ben and I are going to cloth diaper I've been looking into brands for the last few months.
I always come back to FuzziBunz...
except recently they changed their products a bit. I was about to get upset (I had already bookmarked the diapers I wanted) then I came across these:

Once size diapers...for birth to potty training. 24 diapers will be about $450. But that's a one time fee. We'd need a few other things, like the diaper totes for the dirty diapers. And the toilet sprayer. But last time I looked the prices were about $600 for the diapers.

We've got another month until we find out the sex.
And I have no idea when I should give out the registry.
Our Babies R Us registry
Just in case anyone wants to look through.
We're staying pretty bare bones. we plan to pick out our own clothing, and maybe only add a bouncy swing or something.