Monday, February 27, 2012

Ruffle shirt

I've been eying this awesome shirt for a while. I had some cute fabric in my stash so what was I waiting for? I was told that the summer here was going to be hell.
That was enough to get me to start making more clothing for myself.  I love that I can use light weight cotton for this shirt.

New shirt and a new haircut

I had 2 sets of fabric I was going to use to make 2 separate shirts. I decided to start with the one I liked less just in case I screwed it up the first go around.  I did try out the shoulder ruffles but moved the pockets from the sides to the front.
The pattern is simple and straight forward and I promise the math at the beginning isn't that hard if you write it down as you measure.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Taxes, Tablets and Crafts

I'm so excited that when our tax refund comes in I'll finally be able to get the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 that I've been saving up for.
I was able to use the gift cards I had to buy some accessories for it.  I was going to buy a cover and then I remembered how many crafted covers I've seen.

I'll be crafting 2 covers for my new tablet computer. I'm waiting for the fabric to come in.  I will be posting a tutorial for a no sew tablet book cover.

I've also been getting sewing work on a regular basis.  Feel free to check out my flickr stream to see what new things I'm adding. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012


I've been meaning to make myself a new nightgown.  I have one made of cotton that I got for $6 on clearance at the GAP.
I came across a simple nightgown pattern the other day. I didn't have enough of one fabric for the pattern so I used 2 fabrics with the same color scheme. 
It's nice and loose which will be really comfy in the summer months.  This pattern would also make a cute top if you shortened it. 
Kid tested

Not only is the pattern easy but even with my doing fabric strips I finished it in an afternoon (with interruptions). 

Doxie approved

Monday, February 13, 2012

Don't throw away those ripped pants

For some reason Ben wears through his clothes faster than our toddler. One of his pairs of khakis got a rip in the knee.
"They're not ripped, they're worn through."
"What exactly are you doing at work that you are wearing through the knees on your pants?"

He was going throw them out when it occurred to me that Ben doesn't have any shorts. I know he can't wear them to work but he'll want them for weekends since it will get pretty damned warm here in Memphis.

After a quick modification the pants are now shorts. I cut off the excess fabric and hemmed them.  Instead of tossing the excess fabric away I saved it for the next time he rips any of his khaki pants.
It only took a few minutes for me to do and it saved us from spending a lot more money.
Ben says he looks like he's going golfing
Please consider donating just a few dollars to help fund the FORCE Memphis Chapter.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Almost to our goal.

My FORCE Fundraising page went up a week ago and already I've reached 84% of my goal.  I am so inspired by the generosity of my friends and family in helping me get a FORCE chapter started in Memphis.

Michelle and I are so excited to get this chapter going.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Let's give them something to talk about

Last Tuesday while at CMOM (Children's Museum of Memphis) Garrett (2.5 years old) ran up behind me, hugged me and said "Hi MumMum". The only time he usually says anything like Mama is when he is upset and wants me. He's said it twice today. I keep crying every time.
When Ben walked in the door he gets a "Hi DaDa" so it's amazing for me to get Garrett to look at me and say MumMum without being upset.

As an added bonus last Thursday in Mommy and Me class he smelled the toy flower and then held it to my nose so I would smell the flower too. He then took my hand, put the flower in it and wrapped my hand around the flower. Looked at me and smiled (yay eye contact). I was so excited, he even went and picked up another toy flower and did the same thing with another mom.

At the end of the class he walked up to me and put his arms up (a big step on it's own) and then said "up". I just about cried. The teacher in the class knows Garrett is autistic and she was so excited for both of us. I had to share because I'm sitting here blubbering because I've waited 2.5 years for him to call me by my "name"

Tonight I was doing "Up and Down" and then pausing to get him to say "up". I heard him say "dow". So I looked at him and said "Up and ...." "DOW" While I was folding the laundry he looked in the mirror and I said "who is that boy in the mirror?" and I heard "boy, boy, boy".
He saw his ABA therapist today and I told her about last week. Now I'm already excited to see her next Monday and tell her the new things he's been doing.

We've come so far recently and I just love hearing his little voice.

Friday, February 3, 2012

fundraising for FORCE Memphis

Those who have been reading my blog are aware that I have the BRCA2 mutation. They also know I've been working with Michelle over at to start a Memphis chapter for FORCE- Facing Our Risk Of Cancer Empowered
We need to start off by raising some funds for our chapter. I hope you will help or at least share this message. FORCE offers amazing resources and support for women and men who are at risk for breast cancer. 

This is a cause close to my heart. My mother had breast cancer in 2008 and her birth mother died from breast cancer in 1954. I want to make sure I am here for Garrett and able to watch him grow up. Knowing my resources has helped me feel confident that I will have many years with my son.
Being aware and having the knowledge to help with early detection (and in some cases prevention) is important. Please help us share this knowledge and support with others in Memphis.

Yes, I do charge my husband for alterations

This topic came up in discussion with some of my friends. Half of them thought this was brilliant and the other half were rather confused. 
Those who know me in real life know I'm saving up for a tablet computer.  They also know I complain about how Ben wears through clothing like a rabid monkey. I got a bit tired of constantly sewing up holes in his clothing, especially things he had only had a few months and abused. 
After sewing up some holes in the wrist of his 2 month old jacket I said "that will be $3". Ben laughed but agreed to pay. It works for us. I jsut remind him of a few things:

1: I really really really want that tablet.
2: It would be more to go to the tailor or to replace the clothing
3: It will teach him to take better care of his clothing if he doesn't want to pay me for constant repairs.

He's on board with it. I also decided that I'll charge him $5 for every time I shave his head (which isn't that often). It's still cheaper than a barber, I am providing a service and he learns to appreciate all the roles I fill around the house. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Don't throw away that plastic bottle

I love reusing things. I love Mod Podge. So when I found a tutorial that allowed me to put those 2 things together I was excited. 
Turn your lotion bottle in to a cell phone holder.  What a nifty idea.
I had to make one for visiting guests who always charge their cell phones in our kitchen plugs.  None of my lotion or baby wash bottles were empty so I used a baby powder bottle.

It worked well and provided me with space for my camera and charger. It makes those plugs on the kitchen counter so much more useful. Now I can use the plug in the corner and still reach my camera. As an added bonus I don't have to worry if the counter gets wet because my electronics are charger in their holder.
Fits perfectly above my vitamins

These would make great gifts and are easy to personalize. I used glow in the dark Mod Podge on mine for something extra fun.
How fun is that?