Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Another interview...

At least Ben isn't flying out to this one. We're driving out to Western Massachusetts tomorrow evening.  Since Nana and Grandpa are out there we figured we'd make it a family trip.
I'll admit I'm a bit nervous moving back to that area.  At least we have friends and family there but it would still be nerve racking. 
In good news if we do move we'll be able to rent a house from his folks and have a ton of our own space which would mean a crafting room for me and a gaming room for Ben (and myself).  Garrett and Aloysius would both have a huge yard they can play in.
We're keeping our fingers crossed.  While there are some cons to moving out there we find more pros.  Garrett would be closer to at least 1 set of grandparents and we'd have a ton of built in baby sitters.

If we do move I'll have so many blog projects and nifty things to do.

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