Sunday, May 15, 2011

I never get my own bubble bath...but it's ok.

I decided to take a relaxing bubble bath but I made too many bubbles.  I called Ben in to the bathroom to ask him how I could get rid of some when Garrett followed him in.  He's never seen so many bubbles and smiled so widely that I couldn't make him leave.  Hilarity ensued as you can see.

These things are nifty.

They stick to my hands

And my head

At this point Garrett decided he wanted to climb in and join me

So daddy stripped him down and he got in the tub

Bam! right in the kisser

We all had a good laugh

And Garrett gave me a snuggle because he didn't want to get out

Wazzup!  I'm taking a bubble bath

The (very clean) End!


aiasdotca said...

OMG this is so hilarious and cute.  I've been having this issue all week.  I keep saying that a bath alone WILL HAPPEN! Hopefully someday it does, haha. 

teawithfrodo said...

 I can't complain because I told Ben to bring him in so he could see the bubble.  And that hug makes it all worth it.