What is Granola Strolla?

Granola Strolla is a business that my husband Ben and I are currently working on. It's a solar powered charger. You can attach it to a purse, backpack, stroller or bicycle to help keep your device charged.
What about cloudy days?
Solar Panels power a rechargeable battery so you can still use it on cloudy days.

What about rain and spills?
Granola Strolla is water resistant. If the USB port gets wet just let it dry.

What about other uses?
Since Granola Strolla has a USB port you can use it to charge your cell phone, mp3 players or even your Ereader. You can even use it while hiking, running or biking.

How is it different from other products on the market?
Other chargers require you to buy extra cables. Granola Strolla has a USB port so you can use your existing charger cables, there is nothing extra to buy. Granola Strolla is cylindrical so it catches the sun from all angles.

Our webpage is http://www.granolastrolla.com
You can also check us out on Facebook at http://facebook.com/granolastrolla
on Twitter at http://twitter.com/granolastrolla
or email me at crunchy@granolastrolla.com