Friday, May 20, 2011

Everyone else is using the potty so why can't we?

I'm seeing it now, all the parents of children in the same age group as Garrett are posting about how their children are using the potty.
Here I am still trying to get my son to communicate to me that he wants a drink or food and other kids his age are on the potty?

Sometimes it does get to me, I have that moment that I'm doing something wrong.  Garrett used to follow us in to the bathroom when we went.  He has a potty in there and we'd sit him on it while he was in with us and tell him what we were doing (which meant poor Ben had to sit down every time Garrett joined him in the bathroom).
red IKEA potty
Garrett's lonely red potty

Then I remember Garrett is different.  He'll get it when he's ready because he's a smart kid.  Heck, I'll take a happy, good in restaurants, self sufficient toddler who doesn't have huge issues when mommy and daddy aren't there over a child using the potty before 3. I remind myself that Garrett is just now learning how to communicate with us and expecting him to use the potty is just unfair. I am learning to be more realistic of my expectations of him. He already does things like brush his own teeth.

Garrett brushing his teeth
Brusha, brusha. brusha

And we never know, he could decide he's interested in it but with everything else we're working on we don't feel the need to push it.  For Garrett that's the best choice.


Charla Welch said...

 When I met my dear little friend Ronin, he was getting ready to start kindergarten. He wasn't quite potty trained yet. He did great at home but was still afraid of going potty anywhere else. I didn't see him for a few months, and next time I did, he was suddenly completely potty trained! He just reached a moment when it clicked. 

You have amazing patience to be a Mom of any child. I applaud you. 

teawithfrodo said...

 Thanks Charla.  I remember constantly wetting my pants in school because the bathrooms were dirty and I wouldn't use a dirty bathroom.  My classroom ended up with the cleanest bathroom in the school. 

I need to remind myself that I expect too much of him and myself. He's doing a wonderful job letting us know when he's ready.

TheAngelForever said...

One of the hardest parts of being a parent is not comparing your child to another. This may be with your other children, a friend, or any other kiddo you know. We are all different and the reality is that kids will potty train when they are ready. Garrett is still so young and busy doing other things right now. He will get there and then you can brace yourself for those potty runs while out and about.

teawithfrodo said...

 I remind myself that he'll do things in his own time.