Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Maybe next time don't flip off the driver honking you...

especially since that driver was me and I was furiously honking and flashing my lights at you because your portfolio binder had flow out of the back of your truck.
I even followed you down the side street to try and get your attention.  I honked, flashed my lights and flailed my arms but you were on your cell phone.  You flipped me off before taking another turn so I decided to go back and pick up the portfolio thinking there may be a number.  When I got back to the spot it was gone.  I guess someone else got it but I feel good knowing I tried to do the right thing.
Maybe if you were paying attention to other cars and not been on your cell phone this wouldn't have happened.  And maybe you should be nicer to other drivers, some of us are just trying to help you out and be good people.

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