Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Adventures in Ice Dyeing

I've been busy lately doing a lot of sewing.  I decided to open up my Facebook blog page to more of a business page. I'm making and selling more these days so that is the best way to keep up with me.

A couple months ago I purchased some adorable fabric from So Cheeky.

such a fun print

It's so lush and soft. I knew I wanted to make myself a shirt out of it.  Since I've made myself a couple bubble shirts recently I decided to do the same with this fabric.  This style of top is perfect for the hot Memphis summers (and to cover up my inability to lose the baby weight).
I always look like I want to smack my husband in photos 

I love the feel and fit of the top.  But with a toddler and a baby I didn't think that much white would work for me.  So I turned to my newest crafting obsession, ice dyeing. If you don't know about ice dyeing it's simple and fun. I find it less messy than tie dyeing.  It also takes up a lot less space while you are doing it.

I picked out a couple greens and a blue and got started. The only hard part is letting it sit for 24 hours.
 I pleated and then rolled the fabric. I haven't tried that particular fold before so I wanted to give it a try. Since the fabric was thick after 7 hours I flipped it and then dyed the other side. I wanted to make sure it went all the way through.
I'd normally leave the colors to set a bit longer but I decided I wanted the colors to be slightly more subdued than jewel toned so I rinsed it earlier than the 24 hours and did a hot wash with Synthrapol.

 Garrett decided he wanted to show off the t-shirt I made him yesterday.

Here is a better shot of how the colors came out.
I'm in love with the way this came out. I can't stop touching it because the fabric is so soft.  Glad I have another yard to use.

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