Sunday, October 3, 2010

Creating your own adorable cork board

I wanted a new cork board for my crafting space.  I thought "Why buy when you can create your own?"
You only need a few things for this project:
A frame, any size you want will work.  It depends on how large you want to make your board.
Some cork board.  You can get this at the craft store or even at Staples. If it's thin you may want to get 2 pieces.
Fabric to cover the board
A Stapler, office or heavy duty will both work.
Scissors or a box cutter

 You can get a frame anywhere.  Try thrift stores to find a unique frame that will only cost a few dollars.  I purchased mine for $6 at Family Dollar. 

Open up the frame and measure the cork board using the back piece of the frame cut the board (or in my case boards) to size.  I cut it on top of a cutting board so I didn't damage my work surface.

 I picked a fun fabric with a blue background to compliment the gold frame.

Take your fabric, if it has creases you can iron it out before hand, and lay the board in the center.  Cut so you have an additional 2 inches of fabric around the border. 

Start stapling the fabric to the board keeping it tight and smooth. Make sure your staples aren't too long.  if they are going through your project then you need to use shorter staples.  I used an office stapler.

Insert into the frame and you're done.   If you'd like you can add a cross hatch of ribbons with buttons (like some store bought versions) so you can put up pictures without using thumbtacks.

I love that this project is simple and you don't need to be able to do anything but cut and staple to make yourself this unique cork board.

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