Sunday, October 31, 2010

"I aim to misbehave."

I'm not one to do traditional costumes.  I want something different for Halloween.  I also rather enjoy coordinating Garrett and Aloysius (our mini dachshund).  Every year the Boston Dachshund Meetup group hosts a Halloweiner event in the Boston Commons.   Last year Garrett went as a flower and Aloysius as a bumble bee.  
This is the last year I'll be able to choose his costume.  A few months ago I had purchased pants with suspenders for Garrett and the idea came to me...he was going to be Mal Reynolds from the short lived (but brilliant) series Firefly with Aloysius as Wash.

Aloysius only let me get a quick picture of him at home before he wriggled out of his costume.   But Garrett wore his costume all through his Halloween party at Gymboree.
 His godmother made the adorable duster coat. Next year I'll be able to make his costume myself.
 Without the jacket you can see his holster.
 "put me down mommy I want to run around"

Both my red heads are exhausted.  They had fun.

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