Sunday, October 10, 2010

Children and Funerals

When it comes to children and funerals you'll hear a lot of different things from people.  Do you bring them with you?  What should they wear?
Well, sadly this past week my husband's Aunt passed away and we had to decide whether or not we'd bring our son (13 months) to the funeral.
Luckily Garrett has a wonderful demeanor and doesn't get upset in new situations with new people.  We found an adorable "suit" that consisted of pants, a button down shirt, a vest and a tie.  The tie didn't work out but the looked adorable without out. 

During the service I kept Garrett in the back.  He walked around the area (but didn't go into where the service was).  He made a little noise because he was "talking" but it wasn't loud.  I was later told that no one could really hear him.  

We ended up learning that (at least going by our experience this weekend) people don't mind a cute kid at a funeral as long as they are well behaved.  He walked around giving everyone hugs.  It seemed to take their minds off of death and remind them that there was another generation continuing on the family.

I'm not sure if I'd bring him if he were older.  It really does depend on the child.  It also depends on the family and luckily my in-laws are wonderful. 

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