Monday, October 4, 2010

It had to happen

Usually I'm the first one on the house to get sick. Last week both my guys were sick.  I was hoping that I might be lucky enough not to get sick this time but last night I got slammed.  (At least I got to enjoy the weekend before I got sick).
Apparently at some point in the early AM I rolled over and asked Ben to stay home and take care of me today.  When I woke up and Ben was still here I asked him what he was doing:
"checking my email"
"Shouldn't you be doing that at work?"
"You asked me to stay home with you"
"oh, I don't remember, thank you"

Ben made me chicken soup.  I know it's Campbell's from the can but I love it anyway.  I grew up with the stuff and it's just comforting to have it when I'm sick.  Of course nothing beats mom's chicken soup  (Ben doesn't like soup so there is no point in making a giant pot of chicken soup that I won't be able to eat myself).

Now Ben is home and trying to take care of all my daily chores so I can rest.  I admit it's nice to really have the day off and have Ben see what I get done in the day while taking care of our son.

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