Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's too hard, I don't want to do it.

This is a sentiment I see a lot of lately.  When I was a child my father refered to this as "coping out".  Not giving my all was just not acceptable in my family.  I plan to teach the same mentality to Garrett.

The problem is I'm not just seeing this sentiment in children, I'm seeing it in so many adults today.  From things like breastfeeding (I advocate breastfeeding but I am not a boob nazi) to marriage.  I wonder if people think these things are supposed to be simple or if they were never taught that some things you have to work for.

I'm sure lots of people are going "so what, if they don't want to do it they don't have to" but was is that teaching our children?  Or for that matter what is that teaching all the other people on our planet?  Why bother if someone will always help me out? 

It's a feeling that has been becoming more and more acceptable in recent years.  What kind of society will that make us if no one does anything that is "too hard" for them? 

Just make yourself a promise "I won't give up just because something is hard.  I will always try my best and I will teach this sentiment to those around me."

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