Saturday, October 23, 2010

What's the secret behind unisex bathrooms?

Is there some different bathroom etiquette when it comes to unisex bathrooms that I don't know about?  It's sad to say it but men and women in their respective public bathrooms are gross.
Women leave urine on the seat (if you want to squat please wipe the seat when you are done) and often forget to flush.  Men tend to miss the bowl all together when urinating and just drench the floor (I've had the displeasure of having to use a one seater men's room) so you're afraid you'll drop your pants in pee.

Does etiquette and cleanliness not apply when going to a bathroom with the same sex?  Or are people more "polite" when it comes to unisex bathrooms because they are embarrassed?  I'm trying to figure out why a woman (or man) would be more embarrassed by someone of the opposite sex seeing their bad bathroom habits then someone of their gender. 

 I'm still trying to figure out why unisex bathrooms are always cleaner while their counterparts are disgusting.  So ladies, gentlemen...please clean up after yourselves.  If you come out of the bathroom and have clogged the toilet please let me know before I go in and get a surprise.

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