Friday, October 15, 2010

The bunnies are coming!

Remember those hand made gifts I was talking about? Well they've come in the form of bunnies. We've had some friends and family who recently had children and it's a great little stuffed animal to make.
What I really love is that it's a free and simple pattern from Wee Wonderfuls.  It's so much fun to make this bunny in different fun fabrics that reflect each family. 
I first encountered the Wee Wonderfuls bunny when I was pregnant with Garrett.  I was only knitting at that point and my friend Ali was sweet enough to make one of these adorable little guys.
Now that I'm sewing I looked up the pattern and realized it was pretty simple.  I picked out some colorful fabric and cut my pieces.
It came together really nicely and only took an afternoon to do.  If you're a more experienced or don't have a toddler running around you'll probably be able to do it in about 2 hours.

They're adorable and fun to make.  I love the way it came out.  Now I have a drawer full of different patterned bunnies.  Maybe they'll reproduce and I'll wake up to even more adorable, fun bunnies.


Ali said...

I'm totally so proud of you for making your own! The mushrooms are hilarious.

teawithfrodo said...

I was looking at it going "I can do that."
I swear I forgot the ears, then forgot the tail. I ripped the seams on the first one about 3 times.

The fabric was a set of fat quilting quarters that I was going to use to make into magnets and pushpins.