Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sewing with the new machine

I'm loving the Singer Stylist...which I'm thinking of naming "Zoe" (as in Rachel Zoe).
It's quieter and gives me much more control over my projects. It still doesn't account for my bad sewing but I'm getting better.
Pinning and top stitching are taking some time to get used to. I'm also just generally learning everything as I go along right now because I'm such a newbie. Classes will help with that (just 12 more days).
I finished the envelope I was making for Ben.
I'll get better at cutting and pinning so you don't end up seeing my lining fabric when the item is closed.
I will also remember when it says "right sides facing" to do that. Instead of ending up with an inside out lining.
Then again I wasn't really following the directions because I thought I knew what I was supposed to do.

Okay...did much better when I made a coaster for myself. Getting better at top stitching. My seams are getting a bit better too. The top stitching would have been cleaner on this except that I messed up and had to rip the seams the first time and I guess I didn't get everything out.

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