Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The lost art of hand made gifts

I remember when I was little seeing TV shows around the holidays where kids would dread getting hand knit sweaters from grandmothers and aunts.  I never understood that feeling.  I still have the afghan that a family friend crocheted for me when I was 7 and even though it's pink, purple and white my husband doesn't seem to care because it's so warm. 

Last year money was tight around the holidays (Ben had been laid off half way through my pregnancy and was hired to his new job the day after Garrett was born) so most of the family got hand knit gifts.  I wondered if they really liked them or if some of them hated getting home made gifts. 

Today so many families are having money problems, we happen to be among them.  I've branched out into other areas of crafting just in time to make gifts for the holiday season.  We're saving money and giving people things that are so much more personal and unique. 

I've always loved the thought and care that went into hand made gifts.  I can only hope that our family and friends feel the same way.

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