Friday, June 3, 2011

Pillows Galore

No, I haven't lost my pillow stuffing mind. This plethora of pillows started with a floor cushion.  Yes, the floor cushion from this post.  I have been dying to make one and decided to do it for his Early Intervention group.  Since Garrett has done so well (that will be another post) I wanted to make something for the people at Bay Cove.

floor cushion
A fun little floor cushion for Garrett's group to share

When I brought the floor cushion in everyone was practically in tears.  The director told me that their pillows were in such bad condition it was a perfect gift.  So I decided to sew some pillows (twist my arm, right?) for all the classrooms/play groups.

Garrett in the poly fill
helping separate the poly fill
Every fabric I bought was either in the remnants pile or red tag clearance fabric.  I found some great combos with some help from Ben.  Garrett even helped with the stuffing.
pillows waiting to be sewn shut
Ben was stuffing the pillows while I sewed them shut

19 pillows later I'm finished.  I'm sure all the kids at Bay Cove will have tons of fun with them.
 19 pillows all done
19 pillows, stuffed and sewn shut

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