Monday, June 13, 2011

Easy ice pops

I love ice pops in the summer but hate the overly sugared and fake flavored ones at the store.  It isn't just that I have to think about Garrett and what he eats, I'm diabetic and need to watch my sugar intake. 
We've got a bunch of ice pop molds, I know some people use ice cube trays but I prefer a more substantial pop.

I started with plain juices. I prefer using all natural juices with no sugar added. I went with Simply Orange with Pineapple.  Even Garrett loved the ice pops, he's also a big fruit eater so I decided to blend some raspberries, blackberries and strawberries with a little milk.  It would have been good just as a smoothie but now it's in the fridge.  My next ice pop flavor will be watermelon.
Garrett enjoys an ice pop
Very refreshing

Making you own ice pops is really easy.  It's just 3 basic steps.

1: Choose the fruit (or fruits) you want to use.  Or skip this step and go to #2

2: Put in the blender with water, juice (for added flavor) or milk.

3: Blend and put in molds.

I like to let everything freeze overnight so I know it's frozen all the way through. 

a freezer full of ice pops
A freezer door full of ice pops
Fast, simple, delicious and even good for you.


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