Thursday, June 16, 2011

Customer Service where I least expected it, a paper company

Did you know to submit trademark paperwork to the government you need to use a very specific paper?
25% cotton, white and bonded.  What the hell is bonded?  Which paper did I need?

Ben and I were standing in Staples thinking "the last thing we need to do is send in the paperwork on the wrong paper".  So we asked the people who worked their who said "it would be with resume paper" and offered no other help. 
There were so many types of paper, all by the same company, Southworth. I picked up a package to read the back for more information and noticed a phone number. So I called. The phone tree was simple and I didn't have to press a ton of buttons before Carol came on the line. "Carol, I'm standing in Staples and I need some help."  She was wonderful and patient with me as she walked me through just what the hell bonded actually meant (it's a finish on the paper).  Carol not only told me which products would fit my needs, but she knew which ones Staples didn't carry. 

Ben was wondering who I had called who answered so quickly and gave me such amazing help. I was pleasantly surprised that I got such great customer service from the number on the back of a box.  It also reminded me that when in doubt look for a customer service number.

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aiasdotca said...

Paper company... like The Office!