Thursday, June 16, 2011

5 things I love

 Or just 5 things I can't live without.  (I am not affiliated with any of these companies, I'm just telling you guys what I love)

5: Band-Aid Blister blocker.  It looks like a strange mini deodorant stick and rolls on the same way. But damn it, it works and I use it all the time. Especially in the summer when I'm prone to blisters.  While the stick is small it lasts a long time.

 4: My Camelbak filtered water bottle. I grew up in NYC and I'm spoiled by the amazingly good tap water there.  I always carry a reusable water bottle but sometimes water from a bubbler can taste strange and you really don't know how clean it is. This bottle eliminates that because it has the filter built right in to the bottle.  I also love the convenience of the Camelbak straw. It won't spill if dropped and I don't need to tip my head back to get a drink.
 3: Spray sunblock. I have my favorite brands, but I love spray sunblock in general.  I was always one of those kids who hated the feeling of sunblock on their hands. Now I can spray it on and be covered.  I can cover my own back without help and do it all in a fraction of the time.  It's also a lot easier to spray Garrett than to try and get him to sit still while I glop stuff on.  With the locking caps we can easily carry one in the diaper bag so we're never without sunblock.  There is a type for everyone.

 2: My smartphone.  yes, I'm addicted but I love being connected. I'm constantly online between Twitter, Facebook, all my emails and the business, I need to be connected even when I'm out and about. There are even great apps like Toddler Lock that can help keep Garrett occupied.

1: I admit it, I'm in love with my Old Navy skinny jeans.  At first I thought anyone over a size 6 shouldn't be wearing skinny jeans but I soon learned.
I love that Old Navy sells Short, Regular and Long options for their sizes, it means I don't have to hem every pair of jeans because I'm only 5 feet tall.


Anthony from CharismaticKid said...

Yes the kids use the camelback bottle ALL THE TIME. Works like a frickin' charm.

teawithfrodo said...

We have several for my son.  he learned to use a straw from stealing my Camelbak all the time.