Thursday, July 14, 2011

A special place for my new machine.

Since we originally thought we were moving so much of our home has been in boxes.  It was only recently I let Ben convince me to take my sewing machine out of the box so I could craft and not go nuts.  We don't know if we're going to move so we're both reluctant to unpack but I got tired of look at my embroidery machine on the floor in its box.
Such a cool table

It was taking up space in between my fabric and our printer so I figure why not get a table for it and actually be able to use it.  We went to Savers (great store) and I found a vintage telephone table.
Can't beat the price

It was missing the drawers, the price was certainly right, but the color was all wrong.  The dark wood just didn't have the look I wanted and made the room more dingy.

Lucky me, I've got a ton of paint. Every time I see an offer for a free pint I snap it up.  I have about 6 small cans just waiting for projects like this.
I was looking for an excuse to use this color

Before I painted I sanded down some of the rougher spots and gouges that were in the wood.  Ben helped paint and then seal the table.  He used a clear spray sealer.
Ben is a faster painter than I am so he helped out

I found some clear contact paper in the closet and Ben put that on the top so I wouldn't scratch up the table.
Gratuitous butt shot
But since we had put a clear coating on the table the contact paper wouldn't stick.  I decided to coat the top with Mod Podge to help protect again scrapes.

I bought a basket at the craft store that came with a pattern to make your own basket liner.
I love things that come with patterns

I used one of the fabrics I bought recently at the Portsmouth Fabric company to make a liner that matched the table.
Fabric went perfectly with the paint color I chose

I found a simple basket pattern so I can utilize the spaces for the drawers (I hate wasting space). I matched the fabric to the lining I made for the large basket and used some solid blue for the inside of the basket.  The batting I used didn't provide enough stiffness for the baskets so I took a box top, cut it to size and put it on the inside of the baskets. I added some Velcro spots to make sure the box stayed put. It doesn't show from the outside and provides the stiffness the basket needs so it doesn't collapse.
Oh man I've had this box for a while

It provides a great spot for all my piping, bias tape and other notions. 

It's all done and I love it.  What a big change!  Now I'm itching to do more furniture finishing projects.


Lea said...


Jean Parks said...

Wow, I feel like such a lazy slug after reading this! Your table looks great and I think it's cool that you were able to refurbish it to meet your needs & did it so inexpensively.!

teawithfrodo said...

I've just recently heard about Architectural salvage yards. I swear I could find a ton of projects to do with what I find there.  I just wish I had more space.

Diane@InMyOwnStyle said...

The table worked perfectly for your sewing machine and supplies. The color is sob right and cheery - a great addition to your room.

My best- Diane

teawithfrodo said...

It really was the perfect size. And I had the perfect fabric to go with it.