Friday, July 22, 2011

Mini things are always cute

I'm in love with the look of these floor cushions.  I really want to make one for the house but there just isn't room right now.  And then I thought "wouldn't those be adorable if they were tiny?" and then "What the hell would I do with a tiny one because we don't have a doll house."

PINCUSHIONS!  They would make the most adorable pin cushions. They'd stand on their own and be large enough so needles wouldn't go through the other side. For an added bonus I purchased some loose emery powder to use to help keep my needles sharp. Emery powder is what is in the little strawberry that dangles from the tomato pincushion. 

What you'll need:
Fabric.  Any weight will work.  This project is great for scraps.
Piping.  Around 18" should do the trick. This is a great use for all those smaller piping pieces.
Loose Emery powder or Polyfil
Muslin (if you are using Emery)

I used the exact same pattern for the floor cushions but just scaled down.  Choose a glass that is a little larger (seams will end up being around 1/2" because of the piping) than the size you want your pincushion.

For the rectangular piece measure the circumference of your circle and cut a rectangle that is an inch longer.  The width of the rectangle depends on how high you want your cushion.  My pins are medium length so I went with 2 1/2" wide.

If you are using Emery Powder cut another 2 circles and rectangle out of your Muslin.  You'll sew those together and put the Emery inside the Muslin. This will prevent the powder from coming out when you put your pins in your pincushion.

Stitch as per the floor cushion instructions.
Leave half the circle open so you can get your Muslin bag in before you hand stitch it shut.  I pretty much hand sewed the entire thing because it's so tiny.
 It's fun and I love the way it looks on my sewing table.  Especially with the bonus of it helping sharpen my needles.

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