Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fun without power

As I said in my last entry we had a black out on Friday.  It was in the evening so we had to figure out what we could do.
We are lucky enough to have a gas stove and dinner was mostly cooked when the power was out.  After dinner we had to figure out what to do.  Garrett has plenty of toys but the lack of light made it difficult to play with some of them.

We decided to go visit the upstairs neighbors and their kids.  Garrett had fun playing with them.

It got pretty hot up there so after a while we came back downstairs and got our few flashlights out since it was getting darker out.
  We lit a candle.  Just so we had some basic light just in case our batteries died. And grabbed our emergency radio and battery powered light bulb.

 Garrett was having fun listening to music and dancing.

While Ben double checks to make sure all power switches are in the "OFF" position.
 We went out on the front porch and chatted with neighbors while "the boys" played about and giggled.

We come inside and Ben checks his cell phone while Garrett snuggles and Aloysius looks a little confused.

The boys sat and watched us as we danced for them.
Garrett and I took a bath to help us cool down.

After about 4 hours our power came back on.  But by that point Garrett was tuckered out and asleep.  Our place managed to stay fairly cool until the power came back on.

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