Friday, July 15, 2011

A Very Fun Day out with Thomas

Last Friday we drove all the way to Conway, NH (3 hours away) to see Thomas the Tank Engine "in the metal", as Ben says.
The day started off gloomy and rainy in Boston but turned into a gorgeous day.
I took so many pictures it seems to have turned into a DITL post.

We pre-ordered our tickets 2 weeks early so we brought the pamphlet with directions.

It was a dreary day when we started out.

Since we left while Garrett was still sleeping we had to stop somewhere in NH for breakfast.  The only thing we found was Burger King.

Finally we got to the event grounds.

And there was Thomas in all his glory.

I splurged and bought Garrett a shirt.  Once he outgrows it I can always make it in to a bag or something else for him.

He loved watching the new Thomas DVD (while chewing on his new Percy train)

Stealing some of our lemonade.  

Watching the trains on the track come in

And going through the misting tent with daddy to cool down because....

Now we got on Thomas to take our ride.

 I had to check my email.  I guess Garrett gets the lip thing from me.

Snuggling with Daddy

Then with Mommy

And playing with some of the toys they had.  He shared very well.

Off to meet Sir Topham Hattand give him a big hug.

Time to go.  We had a full day.

And now we have full bellies.

What a fun day!

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