Friday, December 17, 2010

What NOT to do when representing an organization...

A year ago we had to rehome one of our Dachshunds.  It was a hard decision but  she was forcing Garrett off the breast and getting very jealous of him.  She wouldn't allow him to eat, would push him away from me even jumping on him.  Then she would get upset and destroy things and soil things around the house.  
We talked to a trainer and even had her come in for personal sessions.  We had started getting the dogs ready for the baby during my pregnancy.  Talula just couldn't handle it.  She was used to all the attention and became so disruptive that she endangered Garrett and I couldn't give her the care and attention she deserved.

We turned to CCDR to rehome her. While our experience was mostly pleasant there is one memeber of the organization who continues to harass me on Livejournal if I ever so much as mention that some people have reasons for rehoming their pets.
Her name is Krista Allen and she is very vocal about how much she represents CCDR.  She seems to take great glee in telling me and my husband we are shitty human beings for rehoming our dog.  According to her there would never be a reason anyone would need to rehome a dog.

It's painful.  We miss Talula but know it was the best decision for all involved.  A year later whenever I post to a particular message board she feels the need to tell me how much it was my fault that we had to rehome Talula and there was never a reason good enough to give her up.  I still don't understand why this representative of CCDR feels the need to pour salt in a still open wound.

Now represent an organization that helps people rehome their Dachshunds and you are vocal about how worthless you think the people who come to your organization looking for your help are?

Needless to say we will never be donating to CCDR again and I urge people not to donate to an organization that would so vocally look down on those who turn to them for help. 

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