Saturday, December 11, 2010

Great Gift Ideas: Home made gift certificates

Have someone on your gift list and you don't know what to get them?  Make them a gift certificate!  My friend Samantha became a new mommy a few months ago.  We had already given her everything baby that we had and wanted to get her and her husband something a little more personal. 
And what is it that new parents need?  How about a night of free babysitting (or 3 in our case).   I went on Microsoft word and looked at some of their templates for coupons and gift certificates.  They have several more templates you can download or you can even build your own.

Fill in the information to personalize it

You can use them for anyone. Come up with new and fun things, a massage for your spouse, a coupon for a night out with the girls/guys.  There are so many possibilities.  It shows your loved ones that you are really thinking of them and doing something special. 
If you print them out on card stock you can always use the fabric gift tag tutorial to add some extra flair.

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