Saturday, December 18, 2010

Family Fun Day: IKEA

I'm an explorer, always have been. I can find fun just about anywhere.  So when we needed to pick up a few things from IKEA we knew we could kill some time there.

Garrett loves the special carts they have (the ones where you can put the bags on the arms) because we can push the cart "backwards" so he sees where he is going.  We were with some friends so while they looked around Ben and I pushed Garrett (and the cart) between us.  He found it hilarious when we put some spin on it.

The best part was the children's section.  We let Garrett run around and test out the tables and chairs they had.  Lots of other parents had the same idea so it ended up as an impromptu play group.

We got what we needed and Garrett was tuckered out from running around.  Even running errands we can find a fun time.

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Israel Travel said...


Nice photography mate. I think, you had fun with your family.

Cheers mate.

Merry X'mas :)