Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Crafting in chaos

Ben was sweet and brought me back a gift from Wilmington.  Sadly he only had the airport to shop at so I got a t-shirt.   I don't wear t-shirts and this one was massive. 
I've seen several tutorials online for Upcycled T-shirt bags.  It's pretty easy and despite all the stress I needed to craft something simple.  
You can see just how huge the shirt is
This will make a great travel laundry bag.  Or even a bag for Garrett's toys if we move.   Now the question of what to do with the sleeves.   They fit perfectly as bandanas.  I'll probably end up embroidering them so they aren't so boring.
Forgive the tired look.  I've been under stress lately.

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vaunswanama said...

This is a great idea and good job!