Friday, March 18, 2011

Busy week

It's been a busy week.  Most weeks are busy but these few have been hellish.  With Ben's official lay off in 2 weeks we're in crisis mode and running around getting extra things sold and the condo downsized.
This past week I was so stressed I couldn't keep food down.  I'm still not very hungry but at least what I'm eating stays in my stomach.

Because of this my breast MRI was rescheduled to this Sunday.  Nothing I want to do more on a weekend than spend an hour in a little tube with my tits hanging through a hole in the table. 

Garrett has his pre-school class on Fridays from 9:30-11am.  He'll also have Early Intervention groups twice a week starting next Wednesday.  Plus his weekly home visit.  EI has been wonderful and upon seeing Ben's severance paperwork told us that we wouldn't have to pay at all for services.   
All these groups are walking distance so I'll get lots of walk in and workout time. 

We're still hoping to hear good news on the job front.

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