Monday, March 14, 2011

A new comment format

I made a move over to DISQUS with my comments. 
Sadly some people felt the need to continue to harass me here so I need some better tracking.

I was hoping to give a happy update about Aloysius.  He has been doing better but Garrett went to pet him tonight and he jerked his head and started shrieking.  Poor Ben was near tears.  Garrett has been pretty good about staying away from the crate and only wants to pet him puppy (or give him biscuits).

We're hoping that the medications will work for Aloysius, even if it just means being able to hold off on his surgery until Ben is working again.  Several people have donated and we are so grateful for that because the vet bills are piling up. 


Lynne C. said...

Hoping that the medication works for him. I'd like to have donated but the amount that I physically can right now is a smaller amount and I didn't want it to be like a slap in the face since it's entirely helpful. In the next few weeks, I should be able to donate a better amount.

teawithfrodo said...

He seems to be doing better. It's hard to tell if it's because he's actually healing or if he's so doped up.
Any amount is helpful and we don't think of it as a slap in the face. We know lots of people are having financial problems right now and money is tight.