Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Doggy days

Aloysius went to see the vet today.  The news is a little confusing.
He is doing well on the medications but he does need to get that test.  It's $1200 and while money is tight we're going to do it because he needs it (plus we know Ben has a job).   The test will let us know if he still needs surgery or if the medication will be enough.
While he could stay on the meds for the rest of his natural life we'd prefer not to do that.  He is constantly eating and peeing and still needs to spend most of his time in the crate.  We already have plans to re-crate train him because he's peeing on the floor because he has to pee so much.

We'll know more after the test.   I'm hoping he'll be ok without surgery since he's responded so well to the medications so far.

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