Wednesday, October 22, 2008

so much knitting...

My mom called this morning with a big commission job for me. She wants 4 pairs of fingerless gloves. So now I have that on top of the hat and mittens set I'm working on. And the hat.

Plus I have a shawl and Christmas stocking I need to work on. Those I'm giving as gifts.

The hat is coming along nicely. I am almost finished with the body (I only started last night) and I have to add the ear flaps and pom poms.

Knitting around all the doctors appointments is challenging, but I'm happy to be making money.

Seeing the Reproductive Endocrinologist on Friday. Hoping to have the hat and mittens set done by the end of the weekend.


Sock Monkey Jungle said...

i wondered where all that clickerty clicking sound was coming from lol! wow you are busy! The hats looking great and goodluck with the gloves and pom poms ear flaps and alllllll! he he

teawithfrodo said...

oh yeah, I'm drowning in yarn over here