Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The waiting is the hardest part

I just finished the hat with attached scarf for my niece/nephew (not sure which one it is yet).
This matches the blanket I made. Both made with this gorgeous Peruvian wool with a touch of Donegal tweed. Since it's grey it's very unisex.

I already know which new project I'll be starting on tomorrow. It will be another baby hat (but this one will go on Etsy). I'm not putting up any of my hats until my Styrofoam head comes in. I'm wondering if I'll need to get a children's size head as well (since my Cabbage Patch Kid has an oddly shaped head for modeling stuff).

Tomorrow I have a blood draw. If my hormone levels are high enough they can start me on Provera (to induce my period) and then put me on Clomid (to induce ovulation) and then I'd be giving myself injections as well.
However if the levels are still too low then I just have to sit around and wait. That's the worst part. If I knew I was doing something I'd feel better.

Today I had physical therapy. They are trying electro therapy feels strange. All of my muscles are tensing and releasing on their own. It's strange not to be able to control that. But if it helps my migraines I'll deal with it.

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