Friday, January 27, 2012

Thomas the Tank Engine Drinking Game

Since my last drinking game to a children's show post was so popular I decided to try my hand at another one.
This time I used Thomas the Tank Engine.

Drink when:
Sir Topham Hatt says a train has caused "confusion and delay"
You hear "really useful engine"
One of the engines does something they shouldn't
You hear "Bust my bumper"
You hear "Cinders and ashes"
Bertie the Bus or Harold the Helicopter make an appearance
Emily tells the other engines what to do
One of the "troublesome trucks" knocks a train off the rails
When Steamies and Diesels insult each other

no I don't condone getting plastered while taking care of your children. But after the 47th time of watching the show even I need a shot of something.

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