Friday, January 20, 2012

Sewing machine covers

I've had a little more time to sew lately. Mostly because I'm a klutz and hurt my MCL earlier this month.  It gave me some time to look through all the projects I had wanted to do but never did.  One of them was sewing machine covers.
I can see a bunch of my other posted projects here

The plastic covers are great for when I need to take my machine somewhere because they are plastic and will keep water out but for home I wanted something a little nicer to look at.
I had to buy this fabric, it was just too perfect

I found the perfect fabric to make the covers with and it's been sitting in my stash for about 6 months.
I measured my machines and made my own basic pattern.  To make a cover you'll need 3 measurements: width, height and depth of your machine.
I chose to make the pattern in 3 pieces. Front, back and gusset. The front and back are width by height.  The gusset is depth by x (x is height + height + width)
The measurements for my Singer machine are:
12" high
16" wide
6" deep
The machine is actually a tad smaller but I wanted to account for my seams.
My front and back pieces are: 12" by 18"
The gusset is: 6" by 40" (16+12+12)

You can see the post it notes I made myself to use as guides.

Visualizing always helped me

Pin your gusset to one side (right sides together) making sure to account for the curves. Sew and repeat for other side.  If you're using a patterned that has right side up make sure you don't sew it the wrong way. Hem the bottom and you're done.

I love the way they look.

I'm tempted to embroider them with the machine names.  Yes, my machines have names (I can't be the only one). I like how much nicer they look in my crafting area now. My embroidery machine is now fully covered from dust too.


Lea Grover said...

Mine has a name too!  It's "Sancho!"
M got me a second machine for Channukah.  Still haven't gotten it out of the box for a test drive.  >.<  I'm sure an appropriate name will come to me once I'm using it, though. :)

aiasdotca said...


teawithfrodo said...

The Singer Stylist is named Zoe. As in Rachel Zoe because she is the first stylist that came to mind.
My Brother machine is from the Project Runway collection so he is named Mondo.