Monday, November 7, 2011

Baby needs some new clothes

Garrett has a mini-Cabbage Patch Kid that he calls "baby". (One of these days we will get him to call her by the name she came with, Julia Honor.)
She came with this adorable little nightgown. She also came with normal looking hair. 
Garrett loves her and will drag her around by her hair.  Last week he decided to dunk her in the toilet which meant we had to throw her in the machine to wash her. 

I had been meaning to make her some clothing but this was the kick in the pants I needed. I had to throw away the disposable diaper she came in because I couldn't get it back on her after she had been washed. 
I found a really simple tutorial.  I made some adjustments because "baby" is a fairly small CPK.

I could barely get her away from Garrett long enough to get her dressed and take a picture.  It's such a cute little outfit.  I know Garrett wouldn't care if she was naked but I enjoy the little project.