Monday, November 21, 2011

Dreaming of an iPad

A friend showed me her iPad the other day and I'm in love. With all the cooking I've been doing lately it would be so much easier to have an iPad in the kitchen rather than my laptop.
It would also save so much in paper when it comes to sewing patterns. No more printing out patterns because I can just bring the iPad to the sewing machine. Or even with me when it comes to knitting projects.

Sadly with the move and all our expenses $500 is just too much. I'm doing my best to save money, I'm trying to take some commissions whenever I can get them.  I'm also asking family members to just give me money for the holidays.  
For any of you who haven't joined Swagbucks yet if you click my link on the right hand side I get a referral bonus which I can use to get myself some giftcards. 

Working on lots of projects for the holidays so I'm hoping to have some more crafting things up. 

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