Thursday, April 28, 2011

My second date with Mod Podge

Since our first date went so well Mod Podge didn't wait long before calling me for another date.  It showed me this spiffed up metal wastebasket and I had to try it. 

A couple extra tips that I didn't see on the page:
1: Make sure the paper is wide enough to fit around the entire pail even at the top
2: A wall paper brush will tear through wrapping paper
3: Covering a conical pail isn't as easy as it seems. We found (ok, Ben found) the easiest way to do it is to lay the bucket down on the paper and trace the shape on the top and bottom by rolling it back and forth on the paper.  The original pattern used a piece of paper 20" tall by at least 30" wide.  You end up up something like this:

4: Instead of putting the Mod Podge on the entire length of paper do it section by section. This will prevent bubbles and folds like I ended up with on my first try.
5: Go for a sturdy gift wrap otherwise you run the risk of tearing the paper.

I'm glad Ben was around to help me out with this otherwise I would have been insanely frustrated.
I want to make another one(Ben is giving me a dirty look now). Now that we understand the best way to do it the next one should look a lot better.  Ben tells me "for someone who loves handmade crafts you sure are a perfectionist."  I'm sure the bucket we covered is cute, I just see all the mistakes.  But don't worry, Mod Podge and I will get together again soon.

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