Monday, April 25, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane...interview sagas

Ben left for the airport about 20 minutes ago.  He picked up his back pack and garment bag and said goodbye. Garrett ran to him and started crying, he's gotten so used to daddy being home the last month.
Ben will return Tuesday night after we're in bed and we're hoping good things follow this trip to Florida.

The past month hasn't bee so wonderful.  To say we got dicked around by the company in NC is an understatement.  This is the story of what happened:
Ben went for his interview and even though all sorts of SNAFUs happened with the flight he was only about 30 minutes late for his interview.  2 weeks later the hiring manager called him to say he wasn't right for that position but there was another position they wanted him to apply for.  Ben said he already did and the hiring manager went and pulled his resume and told Ben "I want to hire you.  We'll make you an official offer by the end of the week." The hiring manager assured us he'd call every day and wanted Ben on this job.  We started packing and he started telling Ben the things he wanted him to do when he started and that he wanted him there by the end of April.
We were so hopeful and excited.  We'd both been wanting to move to NC and this was a great opportunity with a secure company.  After a few days and no offer we were getting uneasy but the hiring manager assured us that HR was just being slow.  So Ben went and found a place on the HR blog to ask questions.  He asked how long it normally took to get an offer (keeping in mind Ben had only days until he was out of work).
Then the shit hit the fan...Ben gets a call from the hiring manager and HR saying they would never say anything of the sort.  The hiring manager showed he had no spine and said that wasn't what he told Ben and Ben misunderstood him.  He then told Ben that he was still his top candidate and wanted to bring him on.

That was March 30th and we haven't heard from them since.  Ben has been leaving the hiring manager messages letting him know about his other interviews (because you're supposed to keep them updated). We've never heard from him.  This morning Ben went and applied for another job with the company.  When you're done with the application it gives you a list of the other positions you have applied for and your status.  The other week his status was "resume under review", when he saw it today it said "no longer being considered".  Needless to say he was pretty pissed.  For some stupid reason we were both still hoping this would come through for us.  It's probably better off that he doesn't have to work for someone so spineless.

And Ben is off to Florida.  It's not a place either of us is particularly fond of but right now jobs aren't so easy to come by.  In 5 more days we won't have health insurance, the house is still a sea of boxes (which means little to no crafting because everything is packed) and everything is up in the air.


Roddab said...

Sitting in the airport. Almost ready to board. I am confident I will nail the interview. Miss every one already.

teawithfrodo said...

We miss you too. And we know you'll kick butt tomorrow.
Still broke my heart when Garrett cried as you were leaving. He sat by the door for 5 minutes before a phone call to Bubbe finally calmed him down.

Barbara L said...

Jobs are hard to come by here in Florida these days. But, if the the right job and the right person meet up, then it is all good. I am hoping that this works out for you guys! Florida is a bag of mixed emotions. Pay rates tend to be lower. The saying here is they pay you in sunshine. Some companies do offer more paid time off though. One of the best things about Florida, you are never far from the ocean. In hurricane season, one of the worst things about Florida, you are never far from the ocean. Hoping for a great outcome on the job interview.

teawithfrodo said...'s the farthest you can be from the ocean in Florida.
He'd be making as much there as he was up here so actually with the lower cost of living we'd be saving money. Where in Florida are you?
He said the interview went well.