Thursday, April 4, 2013

Skin tags - You can get rid of them!

If you're like me you've ended up with lots of skin tags after pregnancy (or even due to other conditions). While skin tags are benign most of us don't like the look of them and want to have them removed without paying a huge amount of money to a doctor.

Here are some natural options for removing skin tags on your body:

1: Castor Oil and Baking Soda mixed together in a paste and then applied to the skin tags 3-4 times per day for several weeks. Until the skin tags dry up and fall off.

2: Tea Tree Oil rubbed on the skin tag is another natural remedy that can be used. Just make sure that you don't have an allergy to Tea Tree Oil before you try this remedy.

3: Apple Cider Vinegar applied to the skin tag. This method can take several weeks and doesn't work for everyone.

4: My favorite natural remedy is Healing Natural Oils Skin Tag Remover. This all natural oil is gentle on the skin and removes skin tags painlessly. Only a few drops are needed and it is even safe to use on skin tags on the eyelids (just keep the oil out of your eye by applying with a cotton swab).

No matter what options you chose don't ever try to cut them off yourself. Either with a blade or dental floss. Doing this yourself can result in infection and scarring.
Go for a natural remedy and say good bye to those ugly skin tags.


Terri Comeau said...

Interesting. Which worked for you?

teawithfrodo said...

The oil is great because you can use it near your eyes as long as you don't get it in them