Friday, February 3, 2012

Yes, I do charge my husband for alterations

This topic came up in discussion with some of my friends. Half of them thought this was brilliant and the other half were rather confused. 
Those who know me in real life know I'm saving up for a tablet computer.  They also know I complain about how Ben wears through clothing like a rabid monkey. I got a bit tired of constantly sewing up holes in his clothing, especially things he had only had a few months and abused. 
After sewing up some holes in the wrist of his 2 month old jacket I said "that will be $3". Ben laughed but agreed to pay. It works for us. I jsut remind him of a few things:

1: I really really really want that tablet.
2: It would be more to go to the tailor or to replace the clothing
3: It will teach him to take better care of his clothing if he doesn't want to pay me for constant repairs.

He's on board with it. I also decided that I'll charge him $5 for every time I shave his head (which isn't that often). It's still cheaper than a barber, I am providing a service and he learns to appreciate all the roles I fill around the house. 


Lea said...

GREAT idea!  I am totally going to start charging M to patch the holes in his jeans. :)

teawithfrodo said...

It's a good way to save up some extra money too.