Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What every sewing room needs

A pressing table!
Space is limited in my sewing area. I don't even have a full sized ironing board. When I want to iron I take my mini board and put it on the dining room table, while the condo isn't huge it was still a pain in the butt to drag my sewing out to the table and plug in the iron.

I found a a website where a woman had used a TV tray to make a pressing table.  I needed this for my sewing room.  I found a TV tray at Target for under $10, the fabric and batting I already had.  It took less than 30 minutes and I had my own collapsing pressing table. 
My own pressing table right by my sewing table

I love it, it fits perfectly by my sewing table when I need it and folds up when I don't. I'm thinking of maybe getting a pain pen and adding some designs to the legs just to make it a little more funky and personalized. Even without the extra touch it's perfect for my space.

it's a small space but it's mine
Of course I wrote this before I knew I was moving to Memphis. I'm looking forwards to having a larger craft space and many new projects

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